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Welcome to
If your question have no answer here please email us at or contact us.
Q: Is free to join and how do I get started?
A: Yes, the service is 100% free and you can register now.
Q: I can't log in
A: You should use Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher. Members may also need to enable cookies options. Please validate that you can allow cookies before signing into the website. You can configure your web browser or firewall to allow cookies for
Q: I forgot my password. What can I do now?
A: Go to the 'Forgot Password' page and provide us with your email address and we will email it to you. If you still need help or forgot your email used at the registration form please contact us.
Q: How can I delete my account from the system?
A: In order to delete your account from the system you must first log into your account then click on 'Delete account'.
Q: How do I change my password or email?
A: Simply click on 'Edit Password' or 'Edit Email' in youe account.
Q: Why should I add my photo?
A: People love to look at photos. Please add your photo to increase the excitement of meeting new people via online services.
Q: How do I upload my photo?
A: Go to your acoount at the 'Edit Photo' page and upload your photo there. All photos uploaded will be reviewed before it will be posted to your profile. Keep in mind that it may take up to 24-72 hours for photos to be reviewed and uploaded.
Q: What are your guidelines in terms of uploading my photo?
A: Image files must be received in an approved format and may not exceed 2 MB in size. You must appear in the photo. Nude photos are not accepted. Copyrighted material will not be posted.
Q: How do I contact someone that I am interested in?
A: You could contact the ladies by clicking 'send message' on their profile.
Q: How many Favorites can I have?
A: You can save up to 100 favorites at any given time.
Q: What is "Tell a Friend?"?
A: This feature lets you send a lady's profile to your closest friends.
Q: How do I contact someone for help regarding my account?
A: Go to the Contact Us page or contact us sending an email at
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